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Paige Onweller, PA-C, Professional Off Road Cyclist
Cycling Coach, Physician Assistant
Empowered To Perform, LLC

  • Years of Coaching Experience: 8+ 

  • Areas of Expertise: Gravel,  Off Road Cycling, Endurance Events

  • Professional Qualifications: USAC Level 3 Coach; Training Peaks Level 2 Coach; SafeSport Certified


Unfortunately at this time, I am no longer taking new clients for coaching.  Click the Contact me button below and lets connect! 


My Coaching Philosophy

Being a professional cyclist does not make you a good coach. The foundation of good coaching comes from good communication skills, clear goals and regular feedback. There is no magic formula for success and no secret workouts. Athletes that are consistent and enjoy the process, striving for continual improvement are the athletes that I choose to coach and work with. 

Helping someone achieve their goals is one of the most fulfilling things I can do as a coach. As a fellow athlete, I also understand these goals are hard earned and you work on them daily. A race is not won with one workout or one training block. Often it is days, months, if not years of hard work and sacrifice to get there. Everyone has different goals, whether it is to complete their first 100 mile bike ride or to compete on a national level, the process is often similar. If you are making that choice to work on yourself and your goals daily, you want a coach that will do the same. 

I believe the best training plan is one that you believe in - so regular communication as well as understanding the plan is paramount to my fundamentals of coaching. With my medical background, I use science to guide training decisions and I’m passionate about making sure my athletes are taking care of things off the bike - recovery, sleep, stress reduction and nutrition, etc.

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