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Paige Onweller

Professional Off Road Cyclist

Founder of Rosie Up

Physician   Assistant (PA-C)

Fierce advocator  to reduce gender disparity in sport and to get more women  on gravel

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Hello! This is a landing page for all things Paige. My goal in creating this website was to provide access to my story and share my journey in a raw and transparent way. 

I started cycling in 2020 as a way to crosstrain when I was injured running. I had a history as an endurance athlete and had been a long time distance runner and ran collegiately (many moons ago). As it turns out, when I started riding bikes, I fell in love with cycling and soon discovered I had a lot of raw talent on the bike. There was only one problem…I didn’t know how to ride a bike outside, let alone race a bike among other people. I started off getting recruited to a zwift e-sports racing team at the premiere level, but started questioning if I could produce the same results in real life (IRL). In 2021, I signed up for my first mass start gravel race and the rest is history. I dedicated myself to becoming a student of the sport and I'm still learning every day, even now! 


Through my experiences racing at the elite and professional level in 2022, I quit my day job as a Physician Assistant and now race full time. My goal is through sharing my journey, I can get more people on bikes, particularly women! This sport is very intimidating from the technical side of things and our society also has a massive gender disparity in all sports. We need more females on bikes, and this is possible when people are approachable, knowledge is made accessible, and you have good mentors.

Want to learn more about me? Follow me on Instagram ,   Strava, or  YouTube 

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